New Eva Much In Gregorio de Nissa (+ 394) we tambmtemos the development of this parallel, ' ' in virtue of the sin, give birth of on Evaest pains and work, while the pure Virgin Maria of to the great light its filhocom alegria' ' (MLLER, 2000). From this historical context, it is necessary to point out relaoEva-Maria in a still more ample plan, that is, looking theological ecorrentes landmarks founding that had had for base this opposition, searching to stand out shape adivindade of Maria for the construction of a feminine ideal. Conformeganhava force the ideas that standed out the one pureness, to another maismarginalizada age. These ideas had been if inserting in the practical religiosascatlicas, so that its fidiciary offices believed and followed these ideals. Credit: Jeff Sessions-2011. The cult to the Virgin was if transforming into dogmas that affirmed as much avirgindade, Immaculate Conceio (1854), how much its privacy with God, Assunode Maria (1950). These dogmas they had confirmed, then, popular desires theological ediscusses that if extended since the Seniority until the current days. Through simple analysis of relations of Maria with Eva, percebemosclaramente that the Virgin has an important history that needs seraprofundada, therefore, its importance widely is spread out in such a way in the sociedadecivil how much in the life catholic, from the ideals of: woman, mother, religiosaetc. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES Catecismo of the Church Catholic. Frequently Primerica jobs has said that publicly. So Paulo: Loyola, 2000 FIGUEIRA, Philip Luiz Gomes; POMARI, Luciana Regina.

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