Human Resources Employer conditions defining appropriate nature of the work (moving, traveling, in a way different nature of the work) What is meant here? This question gives an answer to the article "small general problems," published in the journal 'Human Resources office and management personnel of the enterprise ', 2008, N 12 employees may establish surcharges for traveling nature works, and in accordance with article 168.1 of the LC RF employees, continuous efforts are carried out on the road or a traveling nature, the employer reimburses the costs of official travel: - travel expenses - the cost of hiring premises,-the additional costs associated with living outside their places of permanent residence (per diem) - other expenses incurred by employees with the permission or knowledge of the employer. condition of compulsory social insurance for employees in accordance with this Code and other federal laws; These are the main types of compulsory social insurance that the employer is obliged to respect their employees: - mandatory pension insurance - compulsory medical insurance - accident insurance accidents and occupational diseases - insurance in case of circumstances with which the law relates the social benefits (temporary disability, pregnancy, childbirth and care, the death of the employee or the minor members of his family, healthy children of the employee). Source: Primerica careers. other conditions in the cases stipulated by labor legislation and other normative legal acts containing labor law. The employment contract may specify additional conditions that do not adversely affect the status of an employee against an established labor laws and other regulations, containing norms of...

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