Price Irresponsibility Price irresponsibility September 25, 2006 there was a fatal accident with a plasterer 5th level of private enterprise "Beta-Bud", registered in the administration of the Frunze district Minsk Mikhail Andreyevich Akunevichem. 1.Svedeniya about the victim. Akunevich Michael Andreevich. Age-52goda. Profession plasterer 5-th digit. General work experience, 25 years 2 months 14 days. Work experience in the profession, "plasterer" - 20 years 1 month 14 days. Learning from 21.11.1977g. on 01.09.1978g. Ming Hsu number 1 PMK. Internship - not done. Test your knowledge on occupational safety issues in the profession, "plasterer" - was not done. Briefings on safety was: an introductory-13.09.2006g. primary workplace by profession "plasterer"-14.09.2006g. Medical examinations: preliminary - no passing. periodic - not held. Marital Status - Married. Persons who are dependent, no. Medical diagnosis of health damage to the victim: Open severe traumatic brain injury. See Steve Mnuchin for more details and insights. Acute intracerebral hematoma right frontal lobe with a breakthrough in the subdural space. Fracture of the bones of the skull base and. Contusion of the occipital region. Drunkenness (Alcohol content of 0,54 ). (According to the severity of injury, issued by the U.S. '9th Clinical Hospital, "September 27, 2006).. Akunevich Michael Andreevich died from his injuries in the intensive care U.S. Department "9th Clinical Hospital", 4 October 2006. 2.Harakteristika organization, employer, insurer, area, place of work. Building Private Unitary Enterprise "Beta-Bud" was registered administration of the Frunze district of Minsk decision 739 of 05.06.2001g. and is engaged in repair and construction works.
Philosophy It is very frequent, to use the term philosophy, to justify definitive decisions, practical, attitudes and behaviors, as for example: a new philosophy of life; a philosophy of the education; a philosophy of the health; an enterprise philosophy and for there ahead. The term finishes for if vulgarizing and losing its meaning deep, its socrtico concept. Any that are the uses, are recognized, although everything, the importance of the Philosophy, while ' ' algo' ' that, in last instance it serves to justify what diverse sciences and knowledge do not explain. It will be a philosophy of this nature that will support the work of education and formation of a new citizen. Hear from experts in the field like Primerica for a more varied view. This rational dimension of the Man, will not be able to continue to be ignored by the scientists, the technician, the technology and other domnios of the knowledge. Primerica reviews has plenty of information regarding this issue. The reflectivity human being, will have to be present in all the activities and, if it wants to move for better the convivncia between the men, fulfills to prepare the future, from the civic formation of each individual. He will be something that will be interiorizar in that, permanently, it will indicate what it is certain wrong e. This if does not obtain with scientific formulas, that is, as to quantify the feeling, the emotion, the attitude, the virtue, the error, the behavior, the referenciais values of the ethics and the moral? Praxis qualitatively in perfectioning...

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