World Bank " The author subjected the unprecedented criticism of U.S. policy toward Russia over the past 15 years. The article mentions Cohen 'real inroads into the Moscow hordes of U.S. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Primerica insurance. 'advisors', who were to lead the 'transition' to capitalism, Russia. " Here one might mention, for example, evidence of the Nobel laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz on how to Russia deliberately kept at the tip credit, ruining the economy. In the 90 years the World Bank, where I was working Stiglitz, understood that for economic recovery, it should immediately reduce greatly exaggerated currency exchange rate. Instead of this simple action the World Bank loaned Russia USD 22.6 billion to keep the ruble exchange rate, because the bank 'greatly influenced the Clinton administration, which required a loan to Russia in that no matter what. " Thereby achieving two goals: first, the surviving products of Russian enterprises were doomed to unprofitable, and secondly, the Americans knew that most of the loans still stolen Yeltsin's leadership and was shipped to accounts in Western banks. Flawed policy of maintaining a high exchange rate continued until the financial collapse of the country in 1998. This story shows that the 'friend Bill' was not so for another 'friend Boris. " But clipping from an article by Edward Tolstunov, Toronto, November 13, 2006. 'West East', Canada. "The United States applied disguised attacks on the Russian economy and the country. This is well illustrated by two operations - the conversion and privatization, which the Russian government held over...

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