Berlin Tel There's substitute for little money in the hardware store or Retailers. Against limescale, vinegar-based cleaner helps. Old equipment replaced at water and electricity guzzlers a purchase worth often even before the old device gives up the ghost. The high consumption makes up for not only the purchase price. The energy for the production of the new device is also after a few years saved, as studies have shown. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Icahn Enterprises. In particular dishwashers and washing machines have become significantly more effective in recent years. On efficiency labels eighth also new significant differences in water and power consumption may occur. Consumers should pay attention to efficiency label, which provide information on the consumption of electricity and water. New label applies to dishwashers and washing machines since December 2010. But beware: The old label with A (instead of A+++) as the highest efficiency class can be used also by the end of 2011. There is shower and WC flushing systems for sanitary facilities since March that WELL "label of a European Association of manufacturers. Dishes and laundry efficiently clean dishwasher and washing machines should optimally loaded be, usually so full. Washing lower temperatures thanks to modern cold detergent usually suffice and dramatically reduce power consumption. In case of larger pollution rather longer instead of hot wash. Dirty dishes previously soaked with the most washing can gall to be treated. 60 degrees rich in the boiler generally warm water must not exceed be heated to 60 degrees. Who regulates the temperature of...

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