Amazon Production The aaizeiro, aa-of-touceira, aa-do-Par, aa-do-softly-Amazon (oleracea Euterpe Mart.) is a typical palm of the Amaznia. It occurs spontaneously in the States of Par, Amap, Amazon and in the Maranho. Others who may share this opinion include Film Financer. The native, dense and almost homogeneous aaizais are common in the estuary of the river Amazon in fertile valley lands, igaps and firm land. It is a species that presents use multiplicity. In the extrativo system, currently the most used, the fruits destine it the local consumption and the palmito to the exportation. The conventional plantios still are rare, however, in recent years come despertando interest of agriculturists and enterprise groups for the highly promising perspectives of the domestic market and external (Walnut et al., 1995). According to Netto et al. (2000) it is a fruitful species with permanent natural regeneration, what it makes possible the frequent production of substance cousin with emphasis for alimentary complementation. Still they need to be made studies that can explain with details the productive relation in the natural ecosystem and the familiar income. The State of Par is the producing and consuming greater of this drink, being responsible for more than 93% of the national production of fruits. In Belm, the estimate of daily consumption in the period of the harvest more surpasses 120,000 liters, being as the consumed food in this capital, losing only for the cassava flour (IBGE, 2000). Recently discovered for the media, the juice of aa, became a fever enters the adepts of the culture of the health and freqentadores...

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